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New Methodist Youth President 2021-22

We’re delighted to hear that Daud Irfan of the Cardiff circuit has been elected as the new Methodist Youth President for 2021-22.

Further news about Daud and the role he will be taking on can be found in Methodist News, but in the meantime we wish Daud every blessing as he prepares to take on his new role from September.

And we’re also pleased to note that another young person from the Wales Synod, Rachel Barwise has been appointed as a Youth Representative to Conference.

3 Generate Youth Elections

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3Generate Elections

Voting opens on 21 November for the Youth President (until 11pm Monday 21 December) and 3Generate Reps (until 11pm Monday 14 December). We’re keen that as many children and young people as possible, from across the Methodist Church, are able to participate.  They have the opportunity to elect the Youth President for 2021/22 as well as their 3Generate representatives for the coming year.

  1. In order to vote children and young people need to be registered. There are some simple steps to make this happen:
  2. Children and young people aged 8-17 years old can be registered only once by either their group leader or parent/carer.

They need to be registered by 5 December – please refer to the Group Leaders page ( as there are two stages to this process.

  1. Elections open on 21 November.
  2. All those aged 18-23 years can register themselves for 3Generate 365 and to vote here

From the Wales Synod we have some young people standing in the elections this year, we have for youth president Daud Irfan from Cardiff is standing as well as Rachel Barwise who is standing for 3Generate youth rep to Methodist Conference.


Grants to support online working in Wales Synod Churches

The Wales Synod Advance Fund

Grants to support online working of Churches.

The Synod Schemes & Grants Committee recognises the need to reach out online to both members and those in the community.  Churches may need to invest in some additional equipment.

Examples are: camera; sound or recording; lighting; wifi; laptop computers. This type of project falls somewhat between the two funding streams of building and mission. Projects should follow these guidelines.  The SS&GC will make up to £30,000 available this Connexional year for such schemes.


Proposals should be submitted on the SAF application form, with the additional information required. (Available on the Synod website or on request). They should include:

  • A plan with clear objectives and activities should be submitted.
  • How the success of the project will be monitored.
  • An indication that the skills required to use the equipment effectively are available or will be acquired.
  • Evidence that due diligence with regards to cost effectiveness and consideration for the environment has been made.
  • Budgets which indicate the costs and any additional sources of funds or fundraising
  • Proposals should be approved by the churches own planning and financial procedures – please include the date of that approval

Grants up to £3000 are available:

  • Requests for under £1000 receive 100%
  • Requests over £1000 can receive 50% of expenditure over £1000

Reporting Requirements

Churches receiving grants should produce a short report indicating the outcomes of the project and any lessons learnt after 12 months. This will enable the committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme.

Any questions please contact Gill Peace:

The necessary application form is available using the link below.

SAF Application Form