Cardiff University Chaplaincy hosts a ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ – Pizza, Prayer and Praise Event

Students at Cardiff University were challenged by the recent ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer initiative during a ‘Pizza, Prayer and Praise’ event held by Rev. Delyth Liddell at the University Chaplaincy.

As students gathered to eat pizza, the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ song played to set the scene and introduced the time of worshipping God. We looked at the Lord’s Prayer and thought about how we learnt it and how it helps us connect with God, and then played Shane Claibornes’s clip about what praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ really means. Using Matthew 13 we considered what Jesus meant when he talks about ‘The Kingdom of heaven is like…a mustard seed, yeast, treasure, a pearl or a net’; and then we came up with our own contemporary versions, like “The Kingdom of Heaven is like Facebook because it helps you connect with people” and “The Kingdom of Heaven is like the internet which spreads around the world even though we cannot see it.”

The Kingdom has a King, and so we considered how we could make Jesus King in every part of our lives as we reflected individually on praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ in us; and we took up the challenge to pray for five friends, tying five knots in a length of brown string and then tying that around our wrist to remind us to pray. Students went away committed to God and committed to praying for each of their five friends every day throughout the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative.

Rev. Delyth Liddell
Coordinating Chaplain and Methodist Minister
May 2018