Buckley to Mold Pilgrimage

A group of over 25 people of all ages and from different churches in Buckley and Mold set off together to walk from Our Lady of the Rosary, Buckley to Mold, St David’s Catholic Church, reflecting on the suffering of migrants, and their perils as they attempt the dangerous crossing of the seas in the hope for a better future. We took it in turns to carry the simple Lampedusa cross, put together by an Italian carpenter, made out of drift wood of stranded migrant ships. For too many of the migrants the wrecked ships not only shattered their dreams of arriving in their new ‘Heimat’ but also broke up families and are stark reminder of the many lost lives. The ‘lucky’ ones who arrived safely still feel lost, hurt and not always welcome. Yet this cross is also a symbol of the immense generosity of many unsung heroes, who welcomed these strangers with open arms, sharing the little they have. Some of the participants are pictured at one of the prayer stops on the pilgrimage; Buckley Cross Methodist Church, with the Revd Rosemarie Clarke holding the Lampedusa Cross in the centre of the picture.
Katja Jewell & Rosemarie Clarkemigrants-walk-2