3 Generate Youth Elections

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3Generate Elections

Voting opens on 21 November for the Youth President (until 11pm Monday 21 December) and 3Generate Reps (until 11pm Monday 14 December). We’re keen that as many children and young people as possible, from across the Methodist Church, are able to participate.  They have the opportunity to elect the Youth President for 2021/22 as well as their 3Generate representatives for the coming year.

  1. In order to vote children and young people need to be registered. There are some simple steps to make this happen:
  2. Children and young people aged 8-17 years old can be registered only once by either their group leader or parent/carer.

They need to be registered by 5 December – please refer to the Group Leaders page (https://www.methodist.org.uk/our-work/children-youth-family-ministry/3generate/3generate-365/365-for-group-leaders/) as there are two stages to this process.

  1. Elections open on 21 November.
  2. All those aged 18-23 years can register themselves for 3Generate 365 and to vote here https://methodistchurchlondon.myiknowchurch.co.uk/form/load/U1Urb2FwOEY5NkE2elB3YThySmlMSGMxMC9sb09wWWoyanE5dS9XdG96ZFppSWU3RWRvdFp2N1pPK1BM

From the Wales Synod we have some young people standing in the elections this year, we have for youth president Daud Irfan from Cardiff is standing as well as Rachel Barwise who is standing for 3Generate youth rep to Methodist Conference.