I Am Mark – Swansea

Here is some exiting news about Applecart’s theatre tour of ‘i am Mark’, a show with drama, storytelling, song and monologue based on a radical telling of Mark’s Gospel. The tour has been funded by a Connexional Mission and Ministry grant and will travel to eleven different towns and cities across the UK from Penzance to Edinburgh and across from Swansea to Norwich. Applecart have performed at Methodist Conference Worship, Greenbelt Arts Festival and their films, funded by the London District, can be seen online at www.applecartlive.org . ‘i am Mark’ is a development of Applecart’s epic telling of Mark’s Gospel that was performed at London’s Leicester Square Theatre in 2012. The creative driving force behind Applecart’s work is Peter Moreton, a long standing actor who regularly appears in London’s West End, and Rev Phil Summers, a presbyter, actor and storyteller.

Applecart’s UK theatre tour of ‘i am Mark’ is up and running and is coming to The Taliesin Theatre in Swansea on 10th October (http://www.taliesinartscentre.co.uk/).

From a standing ovation after it’s first showing in Brighton to packed houses in Oxford and Stroud, ‘i am Mark’ has entertained, disturbed and challenged audiences wherever it has been performed. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see an outstanding piece of theatre.